the angel's den

hello internet

welcome to my neocities! this site will forever be a work in progress, but i'm just takin it day by day.

not really sure what my goal is on here, i've just become tired with all social media and need to create my own little corner on the internet.

some more about me, i love to make art, cook, write, go hiking, read, play games, honestly a little bit of everything. i enjoy being outdoors and spending time in nature, taking pictures of wildlife with my camera, and going to the beach with my doggy named mochi.

while i get into the habit of using this site more often, you can follow me on instagram and tumblr, which are linked in the sidebar. ideally, once my site is looking and functioning how i want, i want to hopefully phase them out and not have to use them anymore, but honestly that probably won't happen anytime soon. but anyway, thank you for stopping by!


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