shrine directory


brokeback mountain

a short story later imagined on the big screen about a forbidden romance between two cowboys in wyoming. an extremely underappreciated story that gives a glimpse into a world that still persists in rural america today. how repression of yourself hurts not only you, but those around you.

phantom of the paradise

a 1974 retelling of the story 'phantom of the opera' but include some campy horror, faustian deals with the devil, great music, and amazing costume and set design. an extreme guilty pleasure movie with more hiding beneath the surface than you expect.


charles baudelaire

19th century poet whose dark, visceral poetry has had me in a chokehold for the past roughly 4 years or so. between audio renditions of his poetry being used in one of my favorite RPGs, to art pieces based on his work, i cannot seem to free myself from seeing his work all around me. and even less, from connecting with its themes so deeply.


space funeral

RPG from 2010 made my a small developer in RPGmaker that i have played through more times than i can count. incredible soundtrack, surreal graphics, and comical yet mildly unsettling storytelling are just the perfect combination of all my interests. all that in a game that takes roughly 15 minutes to play through.

red dead redemption 2

ah yes, my second favorite group of cowboys... a prequel to the red dead redemption games, and admittedly the only one i've played. vast world to explore, a pulling story that puts your morals to the test. bloodshed, romance, violence, betrayal... all experienced on the back of your trusty steed.