about me

hello internet

so i guess i finally need to talk about myself huh.... well, i guess i should start with the basics?

my name is donna, i'm nonbinary, and currently live in michigan. i have a dog named mochi who is a miniature poodle and is my literal child, i gave birth to her and she is my baby. some of my hobbies include making art, writing, reading, cooking, hiking, rock collecting, horseback riding, amongst other random things.

i love all things ancient and prehistoric. i hope to one day be an anthropology/archaeology major and do something with this passion that allows me to share it and talk about it. i have a particular appreciation for paleolithic humans and culture, as well as learning about modern hunter-gatherer societies. besides this, i just have a huge love for nature, animals, and the natural world. i love exploring in the woods, viewing waterfalls and rivers, looking for mushrooms, and listening to birds.

and... that's really all i know about myself. it might seem a little silly to say that, but i've struggled with my identity for a very long time. it's why the 'about me' page took me so damn long to actually make. what do i really like? who am i really? behind all of the masks and personas and fa├žades.

well, i hope having this website can help me find out! my goal for my website is for it to be like a slice of me that's visible out here in the big world of the internet. a little safe place for me to talk about whatever i want, when i want. a memory book for me to go back and read, experience things again and remember how much joy they bring me. somewhere where i can just write without concern or fear about anything.

i hope to eventually write a manifesto for my site, as some kind of concrete way for me to say 'this is what i stand for'. i don't think i'm at that level of self-reflection and understanding yet, so it may take me some time. but hopefully, one day i can write one out and feel like it is a perfect representation of who i am.

well, enjoy your stay here!