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coding/html/site creating resources

88x31 button maker

this is what i used to make my site button! super customizable, but unfortunately cannot make gifs :( i don't know enough photoshop to make a gif please help me.

web3 schools

has been super useful in searching how to do something specific, like adding the thumbnail pictures for my journal entries! very thorough and explains everything step by step, which has been a blessing

css gradient tool

allows you to make a custom gradient, then get the css code for that gradient!

an absolute resource! plethora of guides and tutorials, generators, button maker, and even a layout builder which is what allowed me to even design this site in the first place! huge shout out to sadgrl because i probably wouldn't have even started my website without the layout builder and all the other awesome tools on her site.

html cheat sheet

lots of guides and generators for both html, css, and javascript! i use this all the time to pick colors for the pages on my site.


good resource to find genuine old web gifs! i look for a lot of the gifs i use on my site here, it can be a bit laggy but it is great!

coco's pixel safari

awesome site for dividers, favicon, buttons, and more!

texture town

a collection of cool tiling backgrounds and textures!

betty's graphics

site with graphics like bullet points, buttons, gifs, backgrounds, and more!

glitter graphics

HUGE site of blinkies, gifs, buttons, clipart, backgrounds, and more! literally millions to scroll through, it's insane.

animated text generator

customizable gif text generator, lets you pick the font, pattern, and size. i used this to make some of the titles for my pages, it's neat!


an easy to use and simple little status feature for your site.


another little easy to use feature to add to your site, a free and customizable guestbook!

dither me this

a cool browser based photo editor that allows you to dither photos and lower their data footprint! i have not used this myself for pics on my site but it's fun to play with

another blinky resource.


a little tamagotchi pet to put on your page!